Bearville Rewritten Wiki

Here at Bearville Rewritten, we have an incredible team of staff that are working so hard to recreate everyone's favourite childhood game! Everyone on our team has different roles to play to ensure the game updates are running smoothly and the community is always up to date on our progress. We have slowly added more members to our staff team over the months to help us with different aspects of the game, such as graphic design for our forums, server writing and moderators. Below is our list of all current staff members working on the project alongside their role; click on the links to view each profile!

  • Abbie: CyBearGuide (Moderator), Forums Admin, Archivist
  • Alondra: Chief Executive Bear of the Bearville Rewritten Project, CyBearGuide (Moderator), Forums Admin
  • Ava: CyBearGuide (Moderator), Forums Admin, Archivist
  • Becca: Graphic Designer
  • Bri: Archivist
  • CambriaSpeedRacer: Community Team
  • GoCards: Workshopper
  • Kaset: Workshopper
  • Lostero: Workshopper, Server Writer
  • Mars Bars: Graphic Designer
  • Ninjser: Graphic Designer, Forums Admin
  • Nubs: CyBearGuide (Moderator), Voice Actress, Forums Admin, Community Team
  • Stacy: Graphic Designer, Forums Admin
  • SugarFable: Graphic Designer
  • Xtrnall: Jr. CyBearGuide (Helper), Community Team